“Design it, Deploy it, Fix it” is no longer an acceptable adage for any organization, because users are no longer willing to wait around for the fix. In today’s scenario where the market conditions, customers, demand and  competition is changing every day, every hour, having good quality products and services supported by a sound process framework is a necessity and of utmost importance. It is important to have a quality/process team independent of project team for it to be completely effective.

Independent Quality Assurance (QA) ensures that your product undergoes quality checks by individuals who will be just as objective and unforgiving as your customers in the case of potential defect. Organization wide Process Deployment is complex and entails multiple diversifications like domain, customers, technology, competencies each bringing in new challenges needing multiple solutions and approaches to solve them.

Three approaches can be taken in such situations:

  • Application of proven techniques and frameworks like CMMI®, PCMM, 6 Sigma, ITIL® to bring in best practices from other successful organizations
  • Bringing in newer thought processes and ideas through Innovation, Design for 6 sigma and Lean
  • Streamlining and improvement of few focus areas like Estimation, Project management, etrics and so on

Depending on the need of the hour many parallel streams of implementation need to spin off.

Key Challenges

  • Investing on a skill which is non – core for the organization
  • Maintaining and retaining the non – core skills in Quality and Process arena
  • The need to start without delay (irrespective of skill availability)
  • Optimizing the resource utilization and still getting the desired outcomes
  • Minimize rework in the improvement journey – minimize schedule and effort and maximize benefits
  • Need for neutrality to execute QA activities
  • Protect investments in terms of effort and cost as some of the journeys could be long

Having a trusted partner

  • with global presence
  • with proven track record
  • who can bring in best practices from similar organizations
  • who worries about the outcomes equally
  • who can guide rightly to avoid pitfalls
  • right skills at the right time
  • in the right numbers
    always works!

How QAI Can Help

Addressing a wide range of practice areas, we’re exactly what you need, when you need it. You can expect the best from our consultants. We provide the right team for the job.

  • Ramp – up capability: We maintain a pool of resources of various quality skills sets and levels to service all clients’ requirements with very minimal time period. QAI has a very efficient resource management group, which can source the required skilled resources easily.
  • Cost – savings: Clients will save significant cost of training/using solely internal resources or engaging traditional staffing companies. We bill for time and materials, so there’s no over – use (overtime) or under – use of resources.
  • Technical fit: Our management team is adept at matching our skill sets to your situation. A worldwide organization, we leverage our global resourcing capability to bring you the precise talent you require for the lowest cost. Our exact fit applies to technical expertise as well as environmental and cultural considerations.
  • Nothing Less than the Best: In our highly competitive global society, we strive for nothing less than the best when it comes to speed, cost, flexibility and technical fit. Our superior internal quality process ensures that you interview the right consultants every time.  We also excel when it comes to attention to detail, customer service and customer satisfaction.
Over 25 years, QAI has undertaken 700 hundred customer journeys across 30 countries.