QAI is a leading global consulting and workforce development organization addressing ”Operational Excellence” in knowledge intensive service organizations.

QAI was set up in 1980 in Orlando, USA.

QAI Global Services, the consulting division of QAI, addresses Operational Excellence. Organizations achieve Operational Excellence through deployment of best practices and processes in areas of Process Management, Quality Management, Innovation Management, Project Management, IT Service Management and others.

QAI Global Institute undertakes research, houses the Bodies of Knowledge and administers certifications leading to workforce development. It focuses on creating international education and training products and services to address Competence Development, Assessments and Certifications to cater to the large pool of manpower requiring skills for increased employability.

About QAI Global Services:

QAI Global Services facilitates enhanced competitiveness through multi-faceted interventions leading to Business Improvement through consulting, people, process and operational assessments, benchmarking and resource provisioning through Quality Outsourcing.

Today, the QAI Global Services family worldwide works with organizations for enterprise-wide deployment of process improvement and quality initiatives using various models like SEISM”s CMMI®, People CMM, and Six Sigma, Risk Management, Project Management, Change Management, Knowledge Management and Innovations Management interventions to name a few.

QAI Global Services is designed to help organizations align their strategic objectives with day-to-day business and operational goals. Our services aid companies world over to reduce cycle time, increase productivity, and improve quality of service delivery and processes.

Over 200 organizations, including the Fortune 500, governmental organizations and nodal agencies, worldwide trust QAI Global Services as their consulting partner.

What we do

QAI Global Services and its wholly owned subsidiaries assist organizations in consistently achieving and exceeding business goals through Operational Excellence. The range of services is designed to help attain cycle time reduction, increased productivity, and improved quality through interventions in areas such as:

  • Software/Systems Process Improvement and Quality Management
    • Framework based on Software Process Improvement (SPI) by using SEISM
    • CMMI®/ISO 9001
    • Software Engineering & Management Best Practices
    • Test Management
    • Metrics Process Deployment
    • Quality Management
  • BPO / CCC Performance Improvement
    • Training, Implementation, and Certification
    • Six Sigma and Performance Enhancement
  • IT Service Management
    • ITSM Process Maturity Assessments
    • ITIL® Best Practices/ BS 15000 Implementation, Assessments and Consulting
    • ITIL® Trainings & Certifications
  • Human Capital Management
    • Remote and Onsite Project Management Services
    • Offsite Documentation Reviews
    • Staff Augmentation and Resource Provisioning
  • Program Management
    • Program Management Competency Enhancement
    • Project Management Maturity Assessments
    • Program and Project Management Certifications Trainings and facilitation
    • Project and Program Risk Management
    • Assistance in Project Management Related Tools Deployment
  • Innovation Management
  • Software Engineering and Testing
    • Remote and Onsite Project Management Services
    • Offsite Documentation Reviews
    • Staff Augmentation and Resource Provisioning
Over 25 years, QAI has undertaken 700 hundred customer journeys across 30 countries.