MATRIZ is the body recognized as the custodian of the body of knowledge of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ). TRIZ originated in Russia in the 1940s as a body of knowledge to equip the engineers and scientists with the skills successfully used by gifted innovators such as Einstein and Edison.

Innovation is a skill inherent in each one of us and TRIZ trains the mind to approach real-world problems in the same manner as successful innovators. MATRIZ operates through different associations across the world that have been set up with the charter of proliferating this knowledge.

QAI Global Services team of MATRIZ specialists have been authorized to establish TRIZ Association of Asia.

Students who take up the certification programs through QAI will have the option of signing up for the internationally recognized MATRIZ certification.

Four levels of certifications are designed in association with MATRIZ:

  • Foundation Level
  • User Level (aligned to international MATRIZ level 1 certification)
  • Professional Level (aligned to international MATRIZ Level 2 certification)
  • Practioner Level (aligned to international MATRIZ Level 3 certification)