With the world getting smaller and flatter day by day, Telecommunications has emerged as one of the strongest driving forces and a rapidly growing industry across the world, with a unique set of business requirements and challenges much larger in scale and complexity as compared to traditional businesses.

Some of the key characteristics marking the Telecom industry of today across the world are:

  • Ever-increasing demand leading to astronomical growth in customer base in short time spans and across large geographical spreads
  • Fast maturing customer demands and needs, thereby rapidly maturing product life cycles
  • Rapid product and service launches in order to outdo competition
  • Minimal and easy-to-break entry barriers for new products and services within the industry
  • High reliance on infrastructure, network resources and capital expenditure for expansion and for fuelling growth
  • High customer churn, leading to reduced revenue potential per customer

QAI Global Services knows these challenges very well and has worked extensively with various Telecom operators, especially in mega growth markets like India, China and South East Asia, and provides a suite of services specifically customized for the requirements of the industry.

Our Solutions

QAI Global Services provides consulting in design of the “Service Envelope” for successful launch of new products in Telecom.

Typical Six Sigma projects in Telecom companies that QAI Global Services has facilitated include Cycle time reduction through elimination of waste and introduction of continuous flow for customer billing process from bill due date till the bill is delivered to the customer.

QAI Global Services has conducted successful projects for improving agent productivity in the Telecom operator’s service center by reducing average handling time per customer interaction.

QAI Global Services helps establish performance dashboard across the organizations:

  • Identifying the relevant metrics for different stakeholders
  • Finalizing the operational definitions
  • Measurement System Analysis to remove errors in the capture of data
  • Establishing the performance benchmarks
  • Creating a robust process for managing performance on a real-time basis

QAI Global Services also conducts process due-diligence of outsourced operations at vendor locations with recommendations on process improvement.

QAI has had significant experience in providing consulting, training and CMMI® Appraisal related services to some of the leading Semiconductor/Engineering/Telecom companies of the world. A partial list, with a brief description of the scope of services provided to such organizations is given below:

Some of Our Clients

Alcatel India




Alcatel is a major player in telecommunications and the Internet with world leadership positions in high-speed access and optical networks.

QAI is providing services towards implementing the CMMI® Level 3 at it’s development centre in India. The services include doing a Gap Analysis for CMMI® Level 3, consulting, Trainings, Pre Appraisal and conduct of SCAMPI Appraisal

Hughes Software Systems




Since its inception, HSS has focused on the development of communications software and is one of India’s leading companies in this field covering a wide spectrum of communication technologies.

QAI has done periodic consulting and has also offered Abridged Assessment (Gap Analysis) for HSS on CMM® and PCMM®.

Motorola (China, USA, UK, South Korea)




Motorola is a global leader in providing integrated communications solutions and embedded electronic solutions.

QAI is also providing end-to-end services for providing professional services towards implementing the CMMI® Level3. Services include Gap Analysis, Consulting, Pre Appraisal and SCAMPI at their office locations in Chicago (USA), London (UK) and Beijing (China) and Seoul (South Korea).

Over 25 years, QAI has undertaken 700 hundred customer journeys acros