QAI Agile Centre of Excellence:
QAI’s Agile COE is a group of international thought-leaders, certified coaches, trainers and experienced Agile practitioners, who promote collaboration and best practices around Agile worldwide. The CoE provides a suite of Agile services for individuals, project teams and organizations to successfully adopt Agile and practices. The service offerings we provide encompass the following key areas –

Competency Development
QAI’s competency development interventions focus on creating the knowledge, skills, behaviours and cultures conducive to the Agile way of working and life. QAI’s senior agile coaches engage with organizations to create role based competency frameworks and experienced trainers provide a suite of trainings, progress people to certifications and provide feedback to management on interventions. QAI provides a full range of Agile skill development trainings for individuals, project teams and organizations to successfully adopt Agile Methodology.

Our trainings are accredited from international educational institutions such as Scrum Alliance, DevOps Institute USA, Project Management Institute among many others. Some of our most popular trainings are under Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, SAFe and Agile technical, automation & tool trainings.

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Piloting Agile and Project Enablement
The services of Senior Agile Coaches are provided who place high emphasis on the selection of the pilot projects and how to maintain the right focus while implementing Agile. Working with structured approach and experience, QAI coaches and trainers will help organizations succeed in adopting Agile methods.

Our team of coaches help in Agile enablement through the following engagement phases –

  • Due Diligence Study / Capability Building Road map
  • Foundation Setting | Establishing Training, Process and Tools set up
  • Coaching and mentoring support | Deployment of Agile Methods and Tools
  • Complete Transition to Agile Methods | Agile coach enablement

Agile Coaching & Transformation
QAI being pioneers in bringing change at organization level for process improvement initiative – our Agile COE provides comprehensive coaching and consulting, bringing changes in the management style, introducing focus-driven approach through development of Agile COEs, building effective surround infrastructure and systems for sharing learning’s and broad basing agile transformation across the enterprise.

QAI’s coaches and trainers engage with organization teams and provide the following interventions –

  • Suggest right approach and tools for implementation of Agile
  • Assessing & improving the skill set and competencies of agile practitioners
  • Design and deploy supporting systems for effective Agile methodology adoption
  • Support in implementing Scale Agile Framework practices at enterprise scale, for geographically spread across large number of project teams
  • Address resistance to changes through Continuous Communication: why, how and benefits of the Agile methodology adoption

Our Coaching Methodology


AgilityHealth® Assessment
AgilityHealth® is a comprehensive Agile assessment and organizational growth tool developed for organizations that have adopted or scaled Agile and want visibility into the performance and health of their teams. The offering not only determines how well the Agile values, practices and roles have been deployed, but also provides guidance on the way forward. AgilityHealth® is designed by real world Agile experts and offers several radars for assessing Teams, Programs, Product, Portfolio, and Individual Health.

A typical engagement roadmap for AgilityHealth® is given as follows. It is undertaken under the guidance of a Certified AgilityHealth® Assessor.

  • Defining scope of assessment and evaluation
  • Project context setting and evaluation planning
  • Onsite evaluation (interviews, observing ceremonies)
  • Gap analysis
  • Findings, discussions and action plan
  • Workshops, coaching and implementation support

Custom Client-Specific Solutions
QAI provides a range of custom solutions for enabling their clients in achieving the agility goals.
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Over 25 years, QAI has undertaken 700 hundred customer journeys across 30 countries.