In today’s ‘flat’ world, service industry is a driving force behind the growing economy it contributes to more than 80% of the world economy and has become a significant contributor to every country’s GDP.

To remain maintain a competitive edge in this changing and challenging economic scenario every service organization, be it Telecom Service Provider, an Educational Institute, a Hospital or a IT service Provider, needs to deliver high quality services within the defined SLAs and budget constraints. This requires a strong system of good process, talented people and state-of-the-art technology.

QAI’s provides a whole gamut of offerings ranging from training, consulting to appraisal and certifications to help the service sector in improving the process and people aspect of their system in order to better serve their end customer, be more efficient and improve their profitability.

Key Challenges

  • Meeting SLAs & Continuous Process Improvement
  • Delivering consistent service quality
  • Managing service continuity
  • Managing high rate of changes/ time to market
  • Adequate understanding of Service components & role in delivery
  • Remain Competitive and maintain low cost
  • Increase Service Quality
  • Attaining centralized Model across the Organization for all the services provided

How can QAI Help

QAI’s has a wide range of training, consulting, certification and appraisal services for the Services Sector. The offerings include:

Over 25 years, QAI has undertaken 700 hundred customer journeys across 30 countries.