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“89% of business leaders believe Big Data will revolutionize business operations in the same way the Internet did.”  –  Gartner 2015 report on Big data

“A significant constraint on realizing value from big data will be a shortage of talent, particularly of people with deep expertise in statistics and machine learning, and the managers and analysts who know how to operate companies by using insights from big data.” – McKinsey report on Big Data

QAI Data Science practice provides a comprehensive roadmap for transforming organizations in their analysis and management of Big Data.

What QAI Brings to you

QAI’s service offerings and training programs are focused upon providing Data Driven Actionable insights for the following key areas –

  • Talent Management HR Teams
    • Workforce Analytics
    • Recruitment Analytics
    • Retention Analytics
    • Performance Analytics
    • Survey Analytics
    • Network Analytics
  • Operations & Delivery Teams
    • Workload Projects
    • Defect Modelling
    • Warranty Analytics
    • Effort Prediction
    • Alignment Analytics
  • Customer Facing Teams
    • Segmentation Analytics
    • Marketing Analytics
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Retention Prediction
    • Customer Satisfaction Analytics

Process Transformation + Advanced Analytics —> Business Solution + Business Value

QAI Hi-Level Roadmap


The Solution Stack

Pyramid QAI

Certifications and Training Program Complement our Engagement

QAI provides a full suite of skill development trainings in the area of data science. Ranging from introduction to full scale expert level trainings, they cover data science tools and techniques in depth.

Some of our training programs are –

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QAI Differentiators

Raise the Data IQ
Amplify your data’s predictive value. Combing our years of process transformation experience with advanced analytics identify the key data to collect and the impact of the same. Our ready to use platforms enables information access and faster decision by combining advanced analytics & visualizations on a web platform. Revolutionize your current measurement program

Data Stays with You
QAI takes data protection as seriously as you. It lets your data stay with you. The data need not leave your premises all we want is access to the same. We do NOT store or save any of your data in a permanent manner and hence ensure that your data is only with you.

Embed Analytics into Decision Making
Our modeling repository makes available a variety of predictive models and algorithms to predict the outcomes of specific actions. There are integrated within one platform which helps you create models using different algorithms and get them deployed across projects. No restriction or dependency on multiple tools and systems

Boost Your Process Improvement Programs
Given our expertise on Business Excellence programs we are in a unique position to save substantial time for organizations. Whether its Performance Analysis for programs like CMMI and PCMM, or benchmarking within the organization we make it available at the click of a button and with pre-built prediction model frameworks and expert consulting support available, it saves months of effort. This helps you focus on improvement actions rather than the infrastructure

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