Customers don’t want products and services. They want to get the job done elegantly. From a customer’s point of view the tangible drivers of value – quality, cost, and speed – are simply a means to the end.

Critical Parameters of Value (CPV) are those attributes for product or service that will have the greatest significance in the customers purchasing decision. Innovation requires a precise understanding of value: the who, what, when, where, how, and why of the customer’s need. It then means getting that value to them without complexity creeping in.

QAI’s consulting team will help align the innovation initiative with the Critical Parameters of Value (CPV) of the customer to channel scarce funds to the under – served areas. TRIZ exhibits a systematic approach for analysing the type of challenging problems where inventiveness is needed and provides an array of strategies and tools for finding inventive solutions.


Over 25 years, QAI has undertaken 700 hundred customer journeys across 30 countries.