Other Offerings in Human Capability Management are:

Change Management

Tomorrow will no more be the future of yesterday. The process of dealing with change will involve abilities to conceptualize and deploy strategies, structures and processes, which will not only help manage performance for the present and but also aid in building critical and ‘ Business relevant ‘ capabilities for the future. Through a series of workshops and consulting interventions, we prepare the people in sponsorship/ implementation roles and change enablers of the organization for their responsibilities in creating a mindset of continuous improvement and change in the organization. This can be used to leverage organizational planned/ ongoing initiatives like People CMM®, CMMI®, COPC and Six Sigma.

Framework-based People Process Mapping

Using appropriate combinations of frameworks for improving people processes (e.g. People CMM®), operational processes (e.g. COPC) and business excellence (e.g. MBNQA), we analyze and map the organization’s current people/HR practices. Various sources like documentation review, interviews and surveys are used to develop this “as-is” position, and in line with business strategy appropriate recommendations are made for sustainable future improvements.

Design of Competency Frameworks

In light of the organization’s business and cultural context, we facilitate in developing a practical framework for defining, measuring and using competencies. Our consultants engage with business leaders, practitioners and HR professionals to architect the right blend of technical, managerial and behavioral competencies for various business functions/roles. Various HR processes (e.g. recruitment, performance management, career development, and training) are also redefined/refined to align with the organization’s competency framework.

Six-Sigma in HR

Combining our rich experience of software and BPO industries, with that of HR and Six Sigma, our consultants help improve the business effectiveness and efficiency of people processes. Our range of services include: establishing functional/organization infrastructure for Six Sigma based improvements, training managers and practitioners, identifying appropriate HR Six Sigma projects and supporting the same through their implementation. The power of Six Sigma’s business mindset and metrics toolset is leveraged to bring focused and measurable improvements in HR processes.