1 Day Awareness on CMMI® for Acquisition

Workshop Overview

In today’s world where most of the organizations are focusing on developing their core competencies and getting competitive edge using the same, there is a rapid increase in organizations becoming acquirers of needed capabilities by obtaining products and services from suppliers and developing less and less of these capabilities in-house. This helps them in improving their operational efficiencies by leveraging suppliers’ capabilities, to deliver quality solutions rapidly, at lower cost and with the most appropriate technology.

Acquisition is challenging as the acquirers must take overall accountability for satisfying the end user of the required capability while allowing the supplier to perform the tasks necessary to develop and provide the solution.

CMMI® for Acquisition (CMMI®-ACQ) is a best practices model that can help you improve relatioships with your suppliers by helping you improve your own processes. It can be used to increase your control of projects, better manage global sourcing of products and services, and become more successful, acquiring products and solutions that meet your organization’s needs.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop will help the participants to:

  • Understand the typical challenges faced by the acquirers of products and services and how
  • CMMI®-ACQ can be leveraged to solve the same
  • Understand the CMMI® model structure
  • Understand the synergies and differences between CMMI®-ACQ and CMMI®-DEV
  • Understand the highlights of the process areas in the CMMI®-ACQ
  • Learn to develop a practical and effective implementation road-map

Who Should Attend

  • Quality Team
  • Process Improvement Team
  • Acquisition Managers/ Subcontract Managers
  • Vendor Management Teams
  • Practitioners, Participating in the CMMI® -ACQ Journey
  • Appraisal Team Members

Workshop Format

The workshop follows lecture supplemented with illustrations. The instructor maintains a high level of student interaction and discussion to satisfy the student’s needs in their work environments. Extensive experiential learning and case studies will be integrated in the workshop proceedings.

Workshop Contents

Day 1

  • Introduction
    • Challenges faced by acquirers of products and services
    • Terminology
  • Overview to CMMI®
    • CMMI® Model Structure
    • Synergies and Differences between CMMI®-ACQ and CMMI®-DEV
  • Overview to CMMI®-ACQ
    • The maturity levels
    • Process visibility across the maturity levels
    • Behavioral characteristics of each maturity level
  • CMMI® Road Map and Appraisal
    • IDEALSM Wheel
    • CMMI® Road-map
    • Appraisal Requirements
  • Question and Answer