CMMI® for Development version 1.3 Awareness Program
(1 Day Workshop)

Workshop Overview

The Capability Maturity Model Integrated for Development (CMMI®-DEV Ver 1.3) is an integrated model to propel process improvements in systems engineering and software engineering. Using this model, organizations will be able to coordinate efforts to improve its capability in both disciplines.

The 1 day CMMI®-DEV Ver. 1.3 awareness program introduces participants to the model and its fundamental concepts. The program helps the participants to get an overview of the 22 process areas and the roadmap for CMMI®-DEV journey.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop will help the participants to:

  • Understand the CMMI® framework
  • Understand the 3 CMMI® Constellations and their applicability
  • Understand the Staged and Continuous Representation
  • Understand the highlights of the process areas in the CMMI®-DEV
  • Learn to develop a practical and effective implementation roadmap

Who Should Attend

  • Quality Team (SQA/ SEPG)
  • Process Improvement Team
  • Delivery Heads
  • Practitioners who will be participating in the CMMI®-DEV journey

Workshop Format

The workshop follows lecture supplemented with illustrations. The instructor maintains a high level of student interaction and discussion to satisfy the student’s needs in their work environments.

Workshop Contents

  • Introduction
  • CMMI® Framework – Process, process improvements, process capability, process maturity, the CMM®s and the integration project, systems and software engineering, Models, constellations, additions, about CMMI® Development
  • Structure of CMMI® Development – CMMI® documentation structure, Staged & Continuous Representations, Maturity & Capability Levels, Structure of a Process Area – process areas, specific goals, generic goals, specific practices, generic practices as well as other components
  • The Staged Model – The maturity levels, increased process visibility across the maturity levels, behavioral characteristics of each maturity level
  • CMMI® Road Map & Appraisals – Initiation, gap analysis, process enhancement and implementation, pre assessment, assessment team training and SCAMPI(SM)
  • Maturity Level 2 Process Areas
  • Maturity Level 3 Process Areas
  • Maturity Level 4 Process Areas
  • Maturity Level 5 Process Areas