CMMI® for Services Awareness Program
(1 Day Workshop)


The Capability Maturity Model® Integrated – Services (CMMI®-SVC) Ver. 1.3 is an integrated model to propel process improvements in the service industry. The model addresses the activities required to establish, deliver and manage services.

CMMI®-SVC places proven practices into a structure that helps an organization to assess its organizational maturity and process area capability, establish priorities for improvement and guide the process improvement initiative.

The 1 day CMMI®-SVC Ver. 1.3 awareness program introduces participants to the model and its fundamental concepts. The course discussion emphasizes the Understanding of service thinking, Synergies between CMMI®-SVC and CMMI®-DEV, Overview to the 24 process areas and the roadmap for CMMI®-SVC journey.

Workshop Benefits

The workshop will help the participants to:

  • Understand the need of CMMI®-SVC and how it can be used to solve your organizational issues
  • Understand the synergies and differences between CMMI®-SVC and CMMI®-DEV
  • Understand the highlights of the process areas in the CMMI®-SVC
  • Learn to develop a practical and effective implementation roadmap

Who Should Attend

  • Quality Team (SQA/ SEPG)
  • Process Improvement Team
  • Delivery Heads
  • Practitioners who will be participating in the CMMI®-SVC journey

Workshop Format

The workshop follows lecture supplemented with illustrations. The instructor maintains a high level of student interaction and discussion to satisfy the student’s needs in their work environments.

Workshop Contents

  • Introduction
    • Service Thinking
    • Service Terminology
  • Overview to CMMI®
    • Evolution of CMMI®
    • Synergies and Differences between CMMI®-SVC & CMMI®-DEV
  • Overview to CMMI®-SVC
    • The maturity levels
    • Process visibility across the maturity levels
    • Behavioral characteristics of each maturity level
  • CMMI® Road Map & Appraisal
    • IDEALSM Wheel
    • CMMI® Roadmap
    • Appraisal Requirements
  • Discussion on Process Areas across maturity levels
  • Q&A