Our consultants’ partner with organizations to offer ongoing services related to developing People CMM®-compliant processes, piloting the same and monitoring their implementation to ensure alignment with organizational objectives. Our suite of consulting includes sharing best practices, mentoring, conducting spot-checks and training.

People CMM®

People CMM® is characterized by a holistic approach to people-related issues. Instead of looking at traditional Human Resource interventions in a reactionary piecemeal fashion, the People CMM® framework enables organizations to incrementally focus on key process areas and lay foundations for improvement in workforce practices. Unlike other HR models, the People CMM® requires that key process areas, improvements, interventions, policies and procedures to be institutionalized across the organization, irrespective of function or level. Therefore, all improvements permeate throughout the organization, thereby ensuring consistency of focus with an emphasis on a participatory culture, embodied in a team-based environment, where individual innovation and creativity are encouraged.


Source: People Capability Maturity Model by Bill Curtis, William E. Hefley, Sally Miller. (CMU/ SEI-95-MM-02, p30)

Details of some of the popular PCMM® services are as follows:


QAI engages the leadership team to sensitize them about the concepts, investments and possible benefits related to a People CMM®-based improvement program. Further, our consultants facilitate the identification of specific organizational context, needs and business drivers for initiating and sustaining the program.The organization’s charter for People CMM®-based improvement program is developed (with high-level expectations, roles and responsibilities, milestones and other parameters)


Through multi-faceted training sessions and workshops, QAI consultants create an understanding on the People CMM® philosophy, structure, concepts and recommended steps during its implementation.

Diagnostics & Action Planning

Through a variety of instruments like interviews, documentation review and surveys, QAI consultants work with the organization to develop a realistic “as-is” baseline of the organization’s people processes and their effectiveness measures. A descriptive mapping of the current people processes against the People-CMM® – either as strengths or as improvement opportunities is also presented. Findings of the baseline analysis are amalgamated with the organization’s priorities, resource commitments and expectations to evolve an Action Plan for the People-CMM improvement program – with roles, responsibilities, milestones and, optionally, process measure-based Critical Success Factors.

Process Documentation

QAI works with its clients to define the entire Quality Management System (QMS) using the model and the industry best practices as the base. QAI’s ProFoundSet is a ready-made QMS that the organizations can easily deploy with little customization.

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Documentation Review

QAI reviews the process documentation of client organizations to assess adequacy, effectiveness and conformance to the PCMM® framework requirements. Comments and recommendations are provided to make the documentation effective, usable and PCMM® compliant.

Process Deployment Facilitation

QAI works with its clients to pilot and institutionalize the processes by providing various services like trainings, audits, spot checks etc to implement the processes. This typically involves working with various Process Assessment teams for planning the process improvement journey, trainings, piloting, auditing and monitoring the progress.

Process Assessments

QAI provides a variety of People CMM®-based assessments to gauge the levels of process implementation and institutionalization in an organization – differing on their objectives and depth of coverage. The range includes Spot-Checks (to provide a quick and indicative “temperature reading” – along with Action Plans to close gaps, if any), Interim Assessment (a substitute for the official assessment), Pre-Assessment (to gauge readiness for the formal assessment) and Formal Assessment (lead by Software Engineering Institute (SEISM) Authorized Lead Assessors; to provide an in-depth people process profile based on SEI’s standard assessment methodology).