QC Tools using Minitab
(2 Days workshop)

Need for the Course

The Basic tools of quality initiate the quality journey and guide the industry towards delivery excellence and continuous process improvement. Process Improvement involves measurement and measurement is integral to the management of organizations, projects, processes, and products. “What cannot be measured cannot be managed” and “What cannot be managed cannot be improved”.

Typical challenges faced by organization are realization of benefits after implementing a measurement system. Though organizations capture lot of data it may or may not be aligned to business goal or it may not be analyzed properly to make informed decisions.

Workshop Objective

This workshop provides the understanding on the basics of statistics with an emphasis on collecting correct Measures, Measurement and Metrics and understanding QC tools for data analysis.

The workshop provides hands on experience on sampling/segmentation/stratification of data, and analyzing the data using QC Tools.

The workshop is composed of lectures and scenario based exercises. It provides practical experience to the participant, along with the concept knowledge and usage of MINITAB for implementing the QC tools.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction
  • Overview to Metrics and Measures
  • Basics of Statistics
  • Sampling and Stratification of data
  • Introduction to MINITAB
  • Introduction & Understanding of QC Tools including (Concept & Application of the tool, How to make it, interpret it and use it to take informed decisions)
    – Process Flow Chart
    – Cause & Effect Diagram / Fishbone Diagram
    – Histogram
    – Control Charts
    – Pareto Analysis
    – Scatter Diagram
    – Run Charts
  • Case Study
  • Analyzing and interpreting data through QC Tools using MINITAB

Target Audience

  • Metrics Council/ Team Member
  • Professionals working in IT professionals involved in and interested in data analysis & problem solving
  • SEPG/ SQA/ Quality Team
  • Project Managers

Workshop Takeaways

  • Certificate of Participation from QAI
  • The participant will understand the basics of Statistics and practical implementation of QC Tools
  • Hands on experience of using MINITAB